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Papyrus Wins Highest Award

papyruscoverPapyrus, St. Clement’s School’s literary and art magazine has received the Highest Award in the 2014 NCTE Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines. This achievement ranks Papyrus first place among Canadian high schools.

The 2014 edition, which explores the idea of friendship and companionship, included writing in various genres and forms as well as art from girls in Grade 7 to 12. The book was awarded the honour for the impressive writing as well as the appealing graphic design and organization.

Thanks goes out to all the talented writers and artists who contributed to Papyrus: Ms Westerhof and her Writer’s Craft class for their editing and help with selections; Ms Perry and the Advancement Department for their support; and finally, Ms Pacaud, for her encouragement.

Special thanks to Papyrus editor Katie Alonso ’14 for her editing, organization and graphic design skills.

Read the 2014 Papyrus here.

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