A key component of St. Clement’s unique offering is a learning environment where students are nurtured and supported.

Each of our students is known and feels valued. Our LINCWell approach ensures this is the reality at SCS.

Our LINCWell Approach
LINCWell is a full school, Grades 1-12 approach designed to craft a school experience for each of our students that is characterized by Learning, Individualization, Nurturing, Creativity, and Wellbeing.

LINCWell’s overarching goal is to provide each one of our students with key resources, or tools, as well as the ability to know when to use each tool according to their individual needs and preferences.

Having a “toolbox” of key resources to pull from contributes to each student’s well-being. We define wellbeing as the balance between an individual’s challenges and resources. This is a dynamic state in which individuals are empowered to reach the peak of their potential.

As our students develop these tools, they are enabled to learn well, lead well, and live well; empowering them to be able to successfully navigate the opportunities and challenges they will experience at SCS, and beyond.

LINCWell in Action

What does LINCWell look like in action?

On any given day, LINCWell can be found undertaking its innovative and creative work – helping Junior School teachers bring mindfulness into their classrooms to support student attention during learning; teaching Middle School learners how the amygdala influences their performance during tests, exams, or presentations; preparing Grade 12 students for the challenges of university, ensuring they are ready to tackle everything from residence life to first-year exams.


  • Sprouting Minds program
  • i-Think curriculum, in partnership with the Rotman School
  • TRIBES community building and Brainology programs
  • Brain science learning
  • LINCWell speaker series


  • Grade 11 and 12 Transition to University program
  • University planning
  • Individualized 1:1 counselling and life coaching
  • Goal setting
  • Student workshops


  • Daily Homeform check-ins
  • Community of Care – ensuring every girl is known
  • New girl mentoring
  • Relaxation and study spaces


  • Arts-based workshops
  • Junior School Interest Fair
  • Lunchtime collaborative “Create Breaks”
  • Dance and music

Wellness and Mental Health

  • Mental health education in collaboration with CAMH, Jack.org
  • Mindful Moments
  • Junior School Health Hustle
  • Student-led Wellness Committee
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Mental health first aid training

LINCWell Stages

New Ways of Learning

Nurtured, supported, and encouraged to approach learning in new ways.


Timely Topics

The LINCWell Speaker Series was developed with the objective of sharing the latest research and thinking by eminent public speakers. Relevant and timely topics have included bullying, social media, and adolescent mental health. The Speaker Series is open to students, staff, parents and the SCS community.

Real World Workshops

Our girls participate in a wide variety of workshops that help to develop new skills and promote success both inside our walls, and out in the world. Workshops cover everything from exam prep and study skills, how to stay organized, and stress relief; to hands-on nutrition, yoga, and team building experiences. The workshops are led by LINCWell counsellors and staff, students, alumnae, and guest experts from the community, providing access to a wide range of skill sets and perspectives.

Learn Well. Lead Well. Live Well.

Learn more about how our LINCWell approach applies to daily life.

Learn Well

Have you talked yourself out of trying something new because you thought you'd be bad at it? If you fail at something, does that mean you are "stupid"?

Lead Well

As part of an exciting Leadership Unit developed for LINC8, our Grade 8s are changing things up!

Live Well.

TWO - or, The Word's Out - is a committee at SCS that strives to foster a greater understanding of mental health.



Parents’ Association

We value the involvement of parents in all aspects of school life.



Beyond the Classroom

With opportunities to get involved in clubs, trips, and volunteering in the community, learning doesn’t stop at the classroom doors.




Our commitment to excellence in learning means being in tune with the world around us, and always looking ahead.