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“Please call me Anne with an ‘e’.”

Fall in love with Anne Shirley all over again this Thursday, November 20 as the St. Clement’s Middle School students take to the stage of Powell Hall.

Adopted by siblings Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, Anne arrives at the village of Avonlea to help with Green Gables, the Cuthbert family farm. Although Marilla and Matthew had requested a boy from the orphanage, they quickly warm up to Anne and decide that she should stay.

Not long after her arrival, Anne’s fiery temperament gets her into trouble. On the first day of school, Anne breaks her slate over Gilbert Blythe’s head after he teasingly calls her “Carrots” – a perceived slight that sends Anne to “the depths of despair.”

Anne’s many adventures with a lively collection of characters at home and school will charm the audience – particularly when Anne’s imagination and romanticism guide her decisions, often leading her astray!

We hope you will join us as our Middle School girls tell the enchanting story of Anne of Green Gables.

Reserve your seat today.

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