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Swimming Upstream with a Preteen?

St. Clement’s School believes that education is not just about succeeding academically; it’s about ensuring our girls achieve their potential outside the classroom as well. Our pioneering LINCWell program does just that. It teaches our girls to learn well, lead well, and live well. It also offers information and support for parents and friends of the SCS community through the LINCWell Speaker Series.

Those searching for inspiration while navigating the sometimes-choppy waters of pre-adolescence should look no further than the expertise of Dr. Laura Choate – our second of three speakers this school year.


As the mother of a preteen daughter, Dr. Choate finds it alarming how popular culture bombards today’s girls with a narrowly defined formula for success: if she listens to the culture, a girl is learning that her worth is based on her appearance, her ability to gain attention, and in accruing a long list of accomplishments. With such unattainable standards, it is no wonder that many of today’s girls experience stress, self-doubt, and even mental health problems as they reach their adolescent years. Dr. Choate’s concern about these pervasive messages around cultural expectations led to her third book, Swimming Upstream: Parenting Girls for Resilience in a Toxic Culture.

St. Clement’s School is pleased to welcome Dr. Choate to Powell Hall on Wednesday, February 8. She will provide a straightforward set of tools for building resilience and positive body image in the Junior and Middle School years, delving into topics such as:

  • Understanding negative cultural trends for girls and how they can learn to resist these messages
  • Promoting positive body image, a key aspect of her overall self-esteem
  • Helping daughters to maintain healthy relationships with friends and future romantic partners
  • Directing daughters to navigate high-achieving academic environments

Event details
Wednesday, February 8 at 7:00 p.m.
Powell Hall at St. Clement’s School
21 St. Clements Avenue

Reserve your complimentary seat now!

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