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The Importance of Community Spirit

It is with pride that we talk about our closely-knit community and the impact that it has had on us.

According to Dictionary.com, a community is a group sharing common characteristics or interests and perceived or perceiving itself as distinct in some respect from the larger society within which it exists.

St. Clement’s School’s community has a shared vision to ensure our girls and young women leave our School with the skills and confidence to stand out as women who are intellectually curious, courageous and compassionate. Beyond that vision, however, there is also a sense of community spirit that is acquired at St. Clement’s but retained well beyond one’s time at the School.

This sense of spirit of community is what binds us through the ups and downs of life, and it touches us all at various times and sometimes in surprising and important ways.

Those of us who work at St. Clement’s are blessed with the almost tangible community spirit every day; however, it is often the events and encounters outside the School that remind us even more of how lucky we are to have St. Clement’s as a common bond.

It was a sad day last week when we learned of the untimely death of a young SCS alumna, Aisling Ryan. While she was only with us at the School for two years, her presence with us made a significant impact. She was a courageous young woman and not only gained many friends and fans during her time at the School, but contributed significantly to the School’s spirit.

It is difficult when our connections are highlighted during times of great sadness, but I also believe that these connections can provide comfort for many.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our Aisling’s family at this difficult time- and so is our spirit.

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