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The spirit of generosity

Did you know that, like most independent schools, tuition at St. Clement’s School only covers a portion of the School’s annual operating costs? It’s true – 88% to be exact. This is why fundraising is a strategic priority in helping our girls reach their full potential. Giving ensures that:

  • SCS can continue to thrive as a leading girls’ school;
  • Deserving girls have a place here, regardless of their financial circumstance;
  • Academic programming can continue to prepare our girls appropriately for their unique futures;
  • Technological and building facilities can keep pace with the needs of our girls;
  • Co-curricular activities can continue to allow our girls to develop their interests and explore their talents; and
  • Tradition can be upheld.

SCS is an outstanding school, and it isn’t just the academic learning that our girls engage in within our walls that make it so; it’s the unique spirit of the entire community of parents, staff and faculty, and alumnae. That spirit encompasses generosity.

Support SCS
We recently launched the 2016-2017 Annual Fund, our yearly fundraising campaign that helps support the School’s areas of greatest need and provides financial assistance to deserving girls. Gifts of all sizes are appreciated; what matters is not the amount of your gift, but that you give an amount that is significant to you each year.

Make your gift today by visiting scs.on.ca/annualfund

For more information or to discuss other giving opportunities, please contact Emma Groia, Advancement Officer, at emma.groia@scs.on.ca or 416 483 4414 x2253

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