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The story of a girl who’s different… just like everybody else.

ffs-hmFreckleface Strawberry was just like everybody else, except for one thing… FRECKLES!

Last week we had the opportunity to speak with Grade 11 student Mary Tooley, the lead in St. Clement’s production of Freckleface Strawberry, The Musical.

The story is simple, yet relatable- a little girl who has freckles is teased for being different, so she tries to change herself to fit in. Mary reflected on what she believes to be the most important take away from the story: we all have to be comfortable in our own skin, and not feel pressure to be something we are not. We can be happy being ourselves, despite our differences.

Mary’s favourite part of the musical is that it is so full of energy: “It’s fun getting to run around doing things like playing tag and pretending to be a 7 year old!” In fact, in her position as Grade 1 prefect, she’s been prepping for this role all year! Her regular interaction with SCS’ youngest Clementines has allowed her to really get into the mindset of a 7 year old girl. The audience can expect this spirit and energy to translate into the performance. There are many different genres of music, from rock and pop, to old musical style songs and even songs with a Phantom of the Opera feel. Mary expects that audiences will be surprised and delighted with the variety of musical styles. The youthful, upbeat vibe also inspired the colourful costumes and vibrant set design.

There is something for everyone in Freckleface Strawberry, The Musical: there are subtleties in the script that adults will get a kick out of, and audience goers of all ages will love the music and dancing. “Freckleface Strawberry’s realization that you don’t have to fit a particular mould and can be happy just being you is an important message for all of us, at any age,” says Mary.

Don’t miss Mary Tooley and the rest of the cast in St. Clement’s School’s production of Freckleface Strawberry, The Musical on February 27 and 28, 2015! Based on the New York Times Best Selling book by Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore, everyone will enjoy this entertaining and lively show, while taking away an important message: the things that make you different also make you YOU!

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