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The Wisdom of Our Girls

Over the past two and a half years, in my role as Principal, I have heard some of the most honest and candid perspectives about our school, processes and experiences from our grade 12s.  They are experienced Clementines who are preparing to leave for their next stages of life and have tremendous insights.

In their third and last term, many of the girls are nostalgic and perhaps even a bit nervous about leaving SCS; however it is also at this time that they are more open and frank about the things that they feel need to be changed, improved or perhaps need to stay the same.

This week we will begin a series of regular lunches when our Head of Senior School and I will meet with Grade 12s, and I am very much looking forward to them.

As leaders, at whatever level or in whatever circumstance, it can be easy for us to become overly focused on all that is happening beyond one’s organization, club or group. One is inundated with new ideas, innovations and perspectives. While these external lenses are very important and should be maintained, we must also heed the important insights of those who have lived experience within our own organization.

St. Clement’s School prides itself on the outstanding women that we develop, and thus it is from them that we need to garner ideas and solutions before they leave 21 St. Clements Avenue. We know we will maintain our connection with these women, but their impressions whilst here are priceless- and will always be important contributions to our school as we continue to ensure that we provide the best academic and personal experience for each and every Clementine.

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