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Tied to our School

This morning our Grade 12 girls received one of the most iconic elements of the St. Clement’s School uniform: the coveted gold belt!

We start each school year by recognizing our graduating class at the Gold Belt and Leadership assembly. Today, our entire School, along with parents of our grads, gathered to witness this longstanding tradition which began when the Class of 1948 formed a committee to choose a special uniform article the graduates could wear to differentiate themselves and future graduating classes among the student body.

The gold belt serves as recognition of our graduates as leaders in the SCS community. While all of our girls have an opportunity to learn by leading, the graduating class plays a special role as heads of various committees and liaisons with specific program areas. At the end of their time at St. Clement’s, our girls will have received formal leadership training and multiple opportunities to put that training into practice.

It also symbolically links our graduates to the School when their time at SCS comes to a close. Heading off into the world, it serves as a reminder that they will always have ties here and remain an important member of our community.

This year’s student leaders have a lot of spirited events and other community-building activities in store for SCS. We wish the Class of 2017 and all of our girls a memorable school year!

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