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Welcome Back!

With Principal Martha Perry ’85 offering warm welcomes at the door and Penguin roaming the halls, another great school year at St. Clement’s has begun.

After a long summer, 21 St. Clements Avenue is once again bursting with life and energy. While Clementines big and small were enjoying the dog days of July and August, the building was being prepared for 2019-2020. Paintwork was touched-up, corners cleaned, maintenance conducted, improvements made, flexible furnishings introduced, and a new Senior Science Lab unveiled in readiness for the return.

Whether arriving for their first-ever first day at SCS or returning for their latest, St. Clements Avenue and the Circular Drive bustled with activity as Grades 1 through 12 exchanged excited conversation, shared summer highlights, renewed friendships, and made friends anew. Lockers were settled, Red Blazers were hung, and everyone gathered in the East Gym for the first assembly of the year, complete with a visit from Penguin.

After setting off for home, the building once again quietened down but the palpable sense of excitement, expectation, and anticipation continued.

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