Warmth, fun and friendship

We share a values-driven culture that celebrates student achievement in academics, leadership, community service, arts, and athletics.

What Makes St. Clement’s School Special?

The St. Clement’s School Experience

We’re known for academic excellence.

With a robust curriculum that extends far beyond our walls, classroom lessons are reinforced with real-life experiences. Our small size is our advantage - an individualized approach for each student and our ability to nimbly approach learning in new ways sets us apart.

How an SCS education helps each girl achieve her full potential

Beyond the classroom

Our goal is to develop outstanding young women who are compassionate, curious about the world, and confident enough to step outside of their comfort zone.


Swirls and crescendos of creativity are found around every corner at SCS. Visual art, drama, dance, music, debating, graphic arts, filmmaking and creative writing all contribute to a richly imaginative atmosphere.


Whether they feel more at home swinging a bat or defending the net, our extensive line up of sports, while competitive, allows as many students as possible to participate.

Get Social

Our girls enjoy a healthy social life, complete with school dances; musical, drama and fashion design productions; trips; robotics; debating and sporting competitions; community service; and other opportunities to interact with boys and girls from other schools.

Clubs and Activities

Our varied program of co-curricular activities, much of which is initiated and run by students, is an essential component of the experience at SCS. With over 50 special-interest clubs and activities, we provide a broad range of opportunities for fun and learning.

School Spirit

There is a special feeling that comes with wearing the red blazer - one of belonging, respect, and pride. Our school spirit is something you will feel as soon as you walk in the front door.

The House System

Each student and staff member is a member of one of four Houses - Stuart, Tudor, Windsor, or York - and participates throughout the year in a variety of inter-House competitions and activities. It’s yet another way our school spirit shines.

Develop your passions, explore your talents and have fun. Active participation within a small and diverse community fosters a sense of belonging and builds friendships that will last a lifetime.

The different ways SCS is richly rewarding

Experiential Education allows our girls to be involved in the community on a local, national, and global level.

Round Square

Round Square students make a strong commitment, beyond academic excellence, to both broadening perspectives and allowing for reflection. Round Square is a world-wide association of schools on five continents sharing unique and ambitious goals. As the first and only girls’ school in North America to be accepted as a full global member, SCS is committed to the six IDEALS of learning - Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service.

Young Round Square

Young Round Square prepares Middle School students for life in a global community through service, challenge, adventure and international understanding. Activities include conferences, leadership roles that promote activism, and inspiring others to participate in projects.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award began as a program to help young people develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and to their communities. It encourages personal discovery, growth, self-reliance, and perseverance, in a non-competitive format. Through the internationally recognized Award’s three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) students in Grades 9-12 have the opportunity to develop in four areas - service, adventurous journey, skills, and physical recreation.


Exchanges offer our girls the opportunity to become immersed in a different country, culture or language. Ranging from one week to four weeks, they are open to students in Grades 7-12.

Students find the passion to learn about people and places, the courage to challenge personal boundaries, and the curiosity to explore.

Where did you go to learn today?

Everyone belongs here

Diverse viewpoints, interests and talents are welcomed and encouraged at St. Clement's.


Our full-School assemblies display our sense of pride and school spirit, allowing all students, staff and faculty to gather together and learn from each other twice a week.

Social Awareness

As part of a vibrant and diverse city, we are increasingly aware of the interdependence of our School and the broader world around us. We have expanded connections, locally and globally, to enhance our girls’ learning experiences. Students are encouraged to be reflective and recognize the needs of others.

Innovative Learning

Enrichment opportunities keep innovation at the forefront of learning, contributing to classroom experiences where students become creators and visionaries. Our girls are exposed to a wide variety of learning frameworks, resources and models to assist them in developing critical thinking skills and creativity.
Embracing differences enhances everything

Making a difference

At St. Clement’s, we challenge students to take risks, deepen their understanding and discover new passions through opportunities to explore different communities. Whether exploring a part of the city, raising awareness about the work of an organization, nurturing a partnership or providing support, students at every grade level actively participate and engage in the communities beyond the walls of St. Clement’s.

Community Day

During this annual event in December, students from Grades 1-12, alongside SCS faculty and staff, work together with volunteers, staff and clients at more than 25 charitable and non-profit organizations in the Greater Toronto Area.

It is an inspiring day during which students see community support and relationships in action, and learn more about the city’s diversity.

SCS Horizons Program

This peer tutoring and mentorship program was initially established in 2005 and currently operates as a partnership with Stanley Public School.

Each term SCS students conduct reading, math and performing arts lessons, including music, with their young buddies at Stanley Public School. They also organize and implement an annual March Break Camp.


Environmental awareness and action is a key component of our School culture. Certified at the Gold level by Ontario EcoSchools, our commitment influences our policies and behaviour.

The EcoTeam - comprised of class representatives from students in Grades 7-12 - meets weekly to discuss environmental issues, and to develop and implement EcoSchools’ green initiatives.


We encourage our girls to be leaders, and are committed to providing opportunities for all students to develop their leadership capabilities. Our girls learn by leading. We believe leadership is about more than holding a title - at the end of her time at St. Clement’s, each student will have received formal leadership training and many opportunities to put that training into practice.

The Student Leadership Program

LINCWell is a St. Clement’s initiative of enrichment and support for all students.

LINCWell’s goal is in its motto: “Learn Well, Lead Well, Live Well.”
It provides the foundation for much of what we do here at SCS.

The comprehensive program, spanning Grades 1-12, helps our girls realize high levels of academic, co-curricular and personal achievement within an innovative and supportive environment. Our girls are nurtured and challenged through workshops, in-class lessons, after-school activities and time spent with LINCWell counsellors. Parents and staff benefit too, with access to guest speakers and resources through the LINCWell library and the LINCWell Speaker Series.

Why LINCWell is integral to our girls’ success