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Today, our Middle and Senior School students commence exams! This can be a busy time, so our LINCWell staff hosted an Exam Jam last week to help students in Grades 7-12 prepare mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“During the lead-up to exams, things that can help one to perform and achieve her best can seem hard to do,” explains Megan Clay, LINCWell Program Manager. “The ‘I’m too busy to take a break’ mentality may be present and, through LINCWell, we want to remind students of the importance of, and to provide them with the opportunity to, put strategies and activities into action that can help them achieve their best.”

The Exam Jam focused on the overall health of our girls and school community members through events and student engagement. It offered students the opportunity to take a break in their busy day to connect face-to-face, move their body, have fun, and get creative. Many of the events were developed based on the concept of The Healthy Mind Platter which was introduced to the community this year; they also reference the work of Dr. Greg Wells who visited SCS in the fall. The events included:

  • Board games and lemonade in the side yard;
  • Crafts and tea in the LINCWell Centre;
  • Painting a positive mantra banner which reads “You’ve got this” to motivate them and their peers;
  • A “Bite the Stigma” event, held by the Jack.org club, during which students wrote a stigmatizing word or stressor on a cookie and bit it; and
  • Rooftop yoga.

While the Exam Jam may have ended, LINCWell has more activities in store during exams. Knowing that each individual gets into their peak performance zone in different ways, the gym will be open prior to morning exams for all Middle and Senior School students for various fitness activities. As per Dr. Wells’ research, “exercise primes the brain for mental performance.” LINCWell staff are on site at SCS and armed with easy tips to help with writing exams, like reminders of what to bring in (bottles of water are allowed!) Additionally, the LINCWell Centre will act as a “Chill Zone” where girls can relax, have a healthy snack, centre their thoughts, and reflect in a study- and phone-free zone.

Best of luck on exams, girls!

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