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#SCSSpotlight – Advancing Animal Rights

Paige H. ’19 has always been passionate about volunteerism and charity work. She returned to SCS for her Grade 11 year hoping to form a club focused around philanthropy. And so, the Animal Rights Club was born! A vegetarian since the age of 10, Paige cares deeply about the protection of animals, and creating the club seemed like a great way for her to give others the opportunity to get involved in animal activism. Different issues and opportunities to advocate for change are introduced to club members for discussion, aligning to the club’s stated goals:

  1. To bring awareness to the mistreatment of animals;
  2. To inspire members to create change by advocating for animals; and
  3. To create a fun and inclusive environment in which members can share thoughts and opinions regarding animals and their rights, and contribute to conversations related to those rights.

For Paige, the highlights since forming the club have been numerous; they include sharing a petition to rescue Ben the Bear and other animals from a zoo, and discussing animal testing and cruelty-free makeup alternatives. In response to keen interest from some of our youngest students, Paige also met with Hannah A., Eden A., and Caroline R. in Grade 2 to help create a Junior School Animal Rights Club. Once a month, girls in Grades 1 – 3 will join Upper School students at their meeting to discuss animal protection and conservation.

On the horizon for the club? Paige is planning additional discussions about animal treatment in zoos, and hoping to welcome a guest expert to present at an upcoming meeting!

Animal Rights Club meets on Mondays over lunch in Room 314. Come and check it out!

And, check back next week for another edition of #SCSSpotlight, where we profile a different student, activity, or interesting event!

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