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The Newest Clementines

Now that St. Clement’s School’s youngest students have completed their first full week as Clementines, it seemed an opportune time to check in with the new Grade 1 class. Over the course of the week, the girls experienced three spirited full-school assemblies, complete with appearances by Penguin, SCS’s mascot. Curiosity over just “who” Penguin is proved to be a topic of much discussion.

Speaking of spirit, the girls are already excited for House Days, where SCS’s four houses (Tudor, Stuart, Windsor, and York) are celebrated by the sporting of house colours, with house points up for grabs.

Many of the newest Clementines also remarked how cool it was to each have their own red locker (lockers being a novel concept), and enthusiastically described meeting their Grade 6 reading buddies, who will be mentoring the girls over the course of the year. After experiencing at least one lesson in each subject area, the girls were particularly animated about the monarch butterflies they are raising to learn about life cycles in science class, and the self-portraits they are creating using pastels and watercolours.

It’s early in the school year, but there is already lots to get excited about in Grade 1!

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