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‘tis the Season!

There were carols in the halls and on the steps of St. Clement’s School this week, all to herald in the holiday season and close out the calendar year.

The Junior School were assembled on the front steps to welcome everyone to another day with a few old favourites and to greet our neighbours in the community. Their voices swirled in the early morning breezes along with a few light flakes of snow, although the big smiles that their singing created caused the snow to melt long before it reached the sidewalk.

By late morning the carrolling had moved into the halls as a gaggle of staff carrollers made their way throughout the School. Bringing cheer everywhere they went, the sound of their singing only heightened the sense of anticipation ahead of Thursday afternoon’s Carol Service at St. Paul’s Bloor Street.

Meanwhile, confection construction teams were hard at work in the lunchroom on Tuesday as they assembled some outstandingly imaginative Gingerbread Houses. The colourful and creative results were put on display in the foyer with votes being tallied for the best (and sweetest) and the winner set to be announced at Wednesday’s assembly.

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