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What makes SCS unique?

If you’re on the search for a great independent school, you might be wondering if St. Clement’s is a good fit for you (if you’re a student) or for your daughter and your family (if you’re a parent). Each school has unique elements that make it special and it’s important to know what those are, but it’s also important to pay a visit to an Open House event to get a feel for the school yourself.

SCS’s spring Open House is happening on Tuesday, April 25 from 9:15-11:00 a.m. We hope to see you there. In the meantime, here’s a look at the top 3 things that make SCS unique:

  1. School community
    At SCS, all 470 students across Grades 1-12 are taught in the same building with a highly supportive one-school / one-community model of education. This ensures that all girls participate fully – learning to mentor, lead, collaborate, and realize their full potential. Our small-school advantage provides more opportunity for girls to participate in all areas of school life, from athletics to the arts.
  2. LINCWell
    We believe that education is not just about succeeding academically; it’s about ensuring our girls achieve their potential outside the classroom as well. Our pioneering LINCWell program does just that. LINCWell teaches our girls to learn well, lead well, and live well. In other words, LINCWell helps our girls thrive in the face of all the challenges they will encounter, so that by the time they head out into the world, they have developed into young women confidently poised to take on that world.
  3. Experiential and integrative learning
    Realizing your full potential and making a contribution to society is more than what you’ve learned or the skills you’ve developed. It’s how you can put all this together in real life. St. Clement’s School’s focus on experiential and integrative learning helps girls master the transition from knowing to doing.

Join us at our spring Open House and see what SCS is all about; get a feel for our close-knit community and school spirit, and learn about the application journey.

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