The Middle School offers support and nurturing to girls travelling the journey from childhood to adolescence. Middle School students serve as proud role models for the Junior School girls, while developing the independence and strong academic focus that is modeled by their Senior School peers.

With a strong emphasis on developing skills, Grade 9 serves as a unique year of gradual transition to the greater challenge and independence of Senior School life.

Transitioning to independence

Middle School Curriculum


Middle School at St. Clement’s is a time for students to collaborate, to explore, to take risks and to have fun while learning together. Guided by a dedicated team of teachers, our Middle School girls develop critical thinking skills through interdisciplinary study, while strengthening organizational and study skills. Our Middle School model respects the developmental needs of these special years, ensuring that our girls are both challenged and supported.


for Middle School

During their years of early adolescence and transition, students benefit from important support to manage the social and emotional challenges of the middle years. Homeform teachers greet our girls every morning, ensuring their day gets off to a good start. Students in Grade 7 and 8 benefit from individual support and helpful guidance from their Middle School LINCWell Counsellor, an important member of their support network. As students transition to Grade 9, their last year in the Middle School, each girl is paired with a LINCWell Counsellor who remains their guide and support throughout the remainder of their time at St. Clement’s, ultimately working with her as she researches and applies to universities.


Unique to St. Clement’s School, students participate in LINC7 and LINC8, a Middle School program. This course of enrichment and support places a strong emphasis on work habits, study strategies, and metacognitive skills that help our girls develop the teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving skills that lead to greater independence. The LINC7 and LINC8 curriculum is developed to support communication and leadership in the Middle Years, helping prepare our girls for the leadership and academic opportunities of the Senior School.

Experience SCS

Beyond the Classroom

Our Middle School girls are encouraged to be engaged both inside and outside the classroom, benefitting from a wide range of co-curricular activities. The School offers a vast array of student-led clubs, in addition to athletic and artistic opportunities. Some of these opportunities include Debating, the Middle School Dramatic production, Middle School Math Club and Intermediate Choir and Band.

Experiential Education

Our Middle School students access a variety of trips and exchanges that enhance their learning outside of the classroom. Each September, students in Grades 7 to 9 participate in adventures beyond the School, helping to develop important ties and friendships among our girls. Students are guided through activities that deepen their understanding of teamwork, group dynamics and leadership in order to help them become productive members of the Middle School community.

Other experiential education opportunities include an alternating March Break Service Trip and Mother Daughter trip, a Young Round Square conference and exchange opportunities to other schools.


Leadership at St. Clement’s School is taught and nurtured throughout our girls’ time at the School. Within the Middle School, our girls are encouraged to make a positive change in the community while becoming role models for younger students in the Junior School. Leadership is discussed and fostered within the LINC7 and LINC8 curriculum, and is also fostered through participation in Student Council, The EcoTeam, community service and other important opportunities.