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Bouncing back to a new school year

SCS is proud to be a close-knit community, and our Parents’ Association (PA) plays a key role in nurturing it. This group of parent volunteers, led by Kimberley Cudney, PA President, works to ensure a successful partnership between SCS parents and the School for the benefit of our girls. Working with staff and faculty, the PA helps foster:

  • Healthy two-way communications between the School and our families;
  • Friend-raising through the many social events they host; and
  • Fundraising for the many programs and activities that fall outside the annual budget.

Additionally, the PA works tirelessly to both coordinate and participate in the many volunteer-run activities that enhance life at SCS.

Yesterday afternoon, the PA hosted the entire SCS community – our girls, faculty and staff, and families – at the annual Welcome Back BBQ. The side yard was alive with the sound of laughter as kids of all ages – even some adults – weaved their way through the bouncy obstacle course, danced in the circular drive, transformed into butterflies and tigers courtesy of Senior School face-painters, and played games for prizes (we have some skilled bean bag tossers around here!).

Thank you to the PA, and to the staff, faculty, and student volunteers who made this event a success. The Welcome Back BBQ is always a great way to connect after the summer, and to celebrate the new school year, community-wide!

Are you interested in becoming a parent volunteer? Check out our volunteer opportunities.

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