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Earlier this month, eight of our Grade 7 and 8 students participated in the ISOMA Math Olympics, a fun, challenging mathematics competition for Middle School students. The girls worked individually, in pairs, and in teams of four to complete a number of Math puzzles, questions, and activities throughout the day. Our girls showed great determination and hard work, as well as a real passion for problem solving and critical thinking.

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Krista Festarini, Mathematics Curriculum and Department Leader, adds up the benefits of SCS’s Olympic involvement.

Why participate?
Students have an opportunity to experience math problem solving in a different setting, in both individual and group competitions. Teamwork is an important part — the younger students get to learn from the older girls, and meet students from other schools. It’s an enjoyable day — it’s nice to see the girls associating math with fun!

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How do our girls benefit?
The event is a different way of looking at math. It stretches our girls in fresh ways, and some students really thrive in this new environment. It is very much about problem solving, working together, and facing challenges in a setting where you are less likely to give up. We don’t select only students who are top mark earners to attend, so it’s always great to see the girls who wouldn’t label themselves as “math people” signing up to compete.

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